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These materials are 100% natural stone crystals

The effect of crystal stones point:

1.Natural crystal and stone have the energy from nature, crystal point can better concentrate the energy in the top part, is used to heal, adjust the body, the best tool of the spirit body
2.It will form a powerful energy field from the center, and the energy will be emitted straight out from the top tip, wherever the crystal pillar is placed
3.Improve work efficiency.The energy of crystal can clear one’s mind and refresh one’s spirit.Sitting meditation with a crystal point will strengthen your personal source of inspiration and sharpen your mind.
4.Reduce electromagnetic radiation.Put crystal point on computer, TV, microwave oven and other electrical products or around, can reduce its radiation, protect the human body will not be too much interference by electromagnetic wave

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50-60mm, 60-70mm, 70-80mm




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